Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Use of Technology to Save Time

In the era of fast communication, wind-speed work and cut-throat competition, it is imperative that you save both time and money- to increase your efficiency! The use of cutting-edge and revolutionary technology has certainly made our lives easy and interesting. However, sometimes all the beeping and buzzing makes our life hell but with some sound tips (to choose and use technology), we can certainly make our life more productive and easy!

Here are some advices on how to use technology for saving time:
  1. In order to access your computer needs, make sure that you have a computer or a laptop at home! However, just having a computer is not enough, you need to install software's/programs of your requirement and needs. For example, you may install software's for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, personal information management, accounting and virus protection.
  2. Many people end up storing a lot of clutter inside the computer. Hence, it is necessary that you prepare a certain type of filling system in your PC- giving specific names and titles to every folder (so that you are able to identify your work instantly). Constantly review the files and folders-retain what you need and remove the ones that are no longer required.
  3. Utilize your telephone services to the maximum. Try installing a Caller ID (for screening the calls) and a headset if you need to use your computer while talking. You can also avail of the other phone services like voice mailbox for routing calls to another phone.
  4. You can even consider the installation of cable modem, ISDN line or DSL connections for your phone, fax and computer- they are quite faster and cheaper as compared to the traditional modems.
  5. While present at the office, you may make use of video calls for talking to the employees. Most of the time, it is quite cumbersome to gather everyone at the same place for holding a meeting/conference/seminar etc but with video calls you can talk to anyone present at any location. Online service like Skype, which is free and available in 28 languages, allows you to connect visually with anyone in the world. So, you can make the most use of it!
  6. Heard about Webinar technology? This technology gives you a chance to have one-way communication from an individual person to the audience. It saves both time and money-just like video calling!
Well, above are some of the ways in which you can use technology for saving money and time! So use technology and enjoy a hassle-free life!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is Thematic Mapping

Thematic Maps serve an important source of GIS information. A thematic map is a map used to convey geographical information such as climate, density of population, land use and other geographical aspects of any city, region, state or country. Thematic maps also known as geographic assays use/utilize base data of places and coastlines as a reference point and then draw out the inferences.

Thematic maps are used not only for showing the distribution of different attributes but they also depict relationship between different attributes also. Similar to dynamic mapping, thematic mapping enables a geographer to update/change mapping elements and view the changes as they happen. Thematic maps are very useful because they provide information about locations, outline the relationships between different attributes and the charts made can be used for navigational purpose as well.

The origin of thematic maps can be traced back to 1686, when Edmond Halley (an English astronomer) published a map known as terrestrial map. This map can be called as the earliest map that came into existence. However, the obvious use of thematic mapping first came out in 1854, when John Snow, a physician from London utilized thematic principles for devising a map for analyzing the spread of cholera in a particular area. Since then, these thematic maps have been used regularly for getting information about a particular area.

While making a map, the cartographer needs to be careful of portraying the data on the map in such a manner that the audience can understand it very carefully. The cartographer needs to examine the location or the physical area and thereafter collect the data sets. Although the general principle remains the same but there are different techniques for mapping a particular area. Choropleth is the most frequently used method for thematic mapping. In case of Proportional symbols the area or the information is represented with the help of point locations.

In Isarithmic method, the maps are used for depicting smooth continuous phenomena such as precipitation etc. In the Dot method, a particular feature or occurrence is used for displaying a spatial pattern. Dasymetric maps make use of areal symbols. However, although boundaries are displayed on dasymetric maps, these geographic units may span multiple theme values. This method is used quite rarely.

So, I hope that you can see the importance of thematic maps pertaining to the information they convey. Thematic maps are an important tool for getting all kinds of information regarding geographical regions.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Liquid Wood

Do you know that the plastic handbag that you use is dangerous for our environment? Do you know that the plastic is non-degradable and can result in the killing of various animals which eat them? So, if you are really concerned about your environment, then I would suggest that you start using "Liquid wood" and support the banning of plastics.

Simply stating, "Liquid Wood" is a bio-degradable plastic which is made up of lignin. It is basically derived from wood-pulp based lignin which can be mixed with hemp, flax or wood fibers and other additives for creating a strong, non-toxic alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Liquid plastic is seen as a major breakthrough in dealing with the hazardous implications of plastics (that are increasingly being used today).

How is Liquid Wood made?

During the manufacture of paper, the cellulose is separated by the wood industry into three main components namely-lignin, cellulose and hemicelluloses. Out of these, lignin is not required for paper making. So, it is mixed with fine natural fibers made of wood, hemp or flax and natural additives such as wax. After mixing and heating under high pressure conditions, a plastic granulate is produced which can be melted and injection-molded. As, you can see, this plastic is surely a better alternative to the petroleum based plastic which relies on the oil reserves of the world that will automatically get depleted one day!

The research on the manufacturing of bio-plastic began in 1990's by Norbert Eisenreich's group at the Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology. This team developed "liquid wood" and trademarked it with the name of Arboform. This plastic further got processed by Tecnaro a German company which molded and produced it in pellet form. As compared to the petroleum-based plastics, when Arboform is used, it does not add to the atmospheric level of Carbon dioxide. Hence, the normal carbon cycle does not get disrupted with the use of this plastic.

Moreover, Arboform has great thermal and mechanical properties, when compared to putting wood and plastic together. It is a biodegradable thermoplastic engineering material of better quality and vigor that is going to replace all the technological demands revolving around the use of unhealthy plastic. Although car parts and other durable items made of bio-plastic exist today but this plastic has not been used till yet for household purpose because of the high contents of sulphur present inside it. However, research is going on and soon we can hope to find the use of this plastic in household items.

"Liquid wood" certainly has a bright future and can be seen as a serious attempt taken by scientists to protect our environment! The use of "liquid wood" certainly promises a better and safer tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Use of Pen drive

The transfer of data takes place between two computers through many devices. You can use Floppy drive, Zip drive, CD ROM and so on. The use of E-mail is also not so new. However with all these devices, I really feel that there are some kinds of problem with each of them. For example if you will think about the CD drive then the space is quiet small, if you will talk about the zip drive then you will find that it is quiet costly.

If you will think about the email for the transfer of large data then you will find that either they take lots of memory space or it takes a long time to transfer. More over you will not be able to transfer the data which is larger than 10 MB.

All these drawbacks really point us towards one thing and that is we really need some solution. If you will not think in detail then you will find that pen drives are really great as far as the transfer of data which is quiet large. The pen drive can transfer data from one computer to another which has USB connectivity.

In fact the pen drives are the solution to almost all the problems. Pen drives can transfer much larger amount of data as compared to the CD drives and the floppy drives. However ever since the DVD drive has been added to the armory I must say that they can also transfer the large amount of data. However they are not rewritable and the CD or the DVD which is rewritable is quiet costly. And if you will talk about the pen drive then you will find that it is quiet cheaper. You just need to buy a good pen drive for once and it will work for a long time if you will handle it with care.

The USB pen drive can transfer the text, audio and the video as well. I really feel that this is too must of the advantages.

Even I cannot really stand without the pen drive. I have gone through various stages when I had to transfer the data which was quiet large from one computer to the other. It is really not possible to carry the hard disk with you and the concept of email too failed because they cannot transfer the data above 10 MB.

Hence I really needed a device which can help me out. And I came across with the pen drive. Now days the pen drive which can store the data which is quiet high as 8 GB are also available. This is really too much of the storage capacity.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nokia N85 and 5800 New Arrival, Advantage of them

We all have come into a digital age and equipped with the latest technology. We all are interested in having the latest gadgets, other technological devices in order to make ourselves relax and stress free of all the tedious and monotonous work. Since technology has always benefitted us with its unique inventions, we should not forget the so called mobile phones, pocket PC phones or PDAs to carry our work from office to any other location. One of the famous mobile makers is Nokia.

We are really astonished to see the fantastic model sets of mobile phones for each and every person suiting their budget and even fulfilling their desirable needs. We get the complete consistency and quality of the Nokia phones. But if we talk about its latest models in mobile phones we will come across 2 names Nokia N85 and Nokia 5800. They are the latest upcoming mobile sets having all the perfect features and competing strongly with the Apple i-phone.

Nokia N85: - In this mobile set you can enjoy internet facility, gaming for your entertainment and even energetic images from the camera and clear sound to listen to your favorite tracks. Thus it gives the supremacy to share, discover and thus entertainment in your hands. As you can explore the internet on it, with the in-built Satellite Navigation System helps you to navigate to your desired location and even you all can capture the moments in the superb camera provided inside it with double zooming features. Apart from that you all can share your videos or pictures or music with others. The main thing behind its popularity lies in its slim and compact shape. It has a 5 megapixel camera to get the stunning pictures, a complete gaming fun, and GPS to make your travel better by providing guide maps on the phone, high quality speakers, it also has email and MMS services with 3G HSDPA technology for internet connectivity with the speed as of broadband, with a push to talk key to hear and record the conversation done. Thus it makes you a complete stylish personality by providing all the fun and entertainment as it gives you a long battery life and memory card to store a lot into it and thus making you stay connected with your family, friends and businessmen.

Nokia 5800 (Nokia 5800 Xpress Music): - It is famous for its touchscreen facility as it is the first touchscreen smart phone by Nokia with multimedia features, a smart mobile phone equipped with 3.2'' high resolution screen and finger touch, or inputting with stylus pen or plectrum anything can go but in the Apple I-phone we can touch the screen by fingers only. This Nokia 5800 also provides one touch for music, video with surround sound features and also has a devoted Media Bar touch key. You also have in it a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto zoom features. The screen has 3D display features. Apart from that you also get perfect internet connection with the technologies of GPS and road maps. But as compared to Apple I-phone it is less expensive; which is the main source of its fame and popularity.

Thus all the above features tell us about the grand mobile makers in the world giving us Nokia N85 and Nokia 5800 to challenge the other reputed mobile companies such as Apple.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nokia 330: An Incredible Auto Navigation System

We have heard of the famous brand in the mobiles and that is Nokia. Giving you all the best and superb facilities, we will never think of buying anything else apart from it. As the technology is advancing we are getting everything in our mobile sets only. All thanks goes to the famous Nokia mobile maker company. They provide high megapixel camera, a good resolution screen, best speakers, internet radio or FM system into it, with Bluetooth features and high speed Internet connectivity featuring GPRS, GPS with Wi-Fi technology, gaming and music to enjoy.

As traveling has become the major part of our life, it becomes very necessary to have such a handset which will guide us if we get lost in any unknown areas and or misguided by the fake guides or travel agents. So here we have Nokia 330 with the built in Satellite Navigation system and a must for our travel bag as it is the best travel accessory.

Let us discuss its various features as it gaining popularity since many years among all those travel freaks.
  • If we discuss about its general features; it has a 3.5 inches wide colored LCD touchscreen with multimedia and other facilities thus giving us the user friendly interface.
  • Fabulous camera to catch those memorable events in it by providing the clear pictures.
  • It has a simple and QWERTY keyboard for typing the inputs.
  • It has a music player in built in order not to make our traveling boring or monotonous. As we can listen to our favorite music and store many tracks depending upon the memory card capacity.
  • Talking about the auto navigation system it is the best navigation system which is provided by the Nokia 330 mobile. It is the best model for all those fond of traveling as it provides them to go to a particular destination in the safe and fast way by just the click of a button. As it has the Navteq map data and Route 66 Navigate 7 navigation systems to make our traveling easier. It is also having the clear and a wide colored touchscreen and visual and voice guides or alerts and traffic updates for a better navigation.
  • It also has a complete 2 GB memory full of road maps of a particular country such as European countries for better navigation.
  • It thus helps us to escape the accidents or other road fines and tells us the road blocks or accident spots ahead on the road so that we can slower down our speed where necessary.
  • It also has the perfect day and night mode display to make our viewing the maps easier and clearer.
  • It is also provided with the Bluetooth features to make us get rid of tangling wires.
Thus it is a must buy for all those who love traveling and exploring the places alone or with their families. This avoids the loss and insecurity or other mishaps or accidents while enjoying our travel.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Samsung Mobile Phones

The introduction of mobile phones in our life has changed our outlook of technology world. Now everybody needs something more than just communication features in their mobile phones such as mp3 player, camera, games etc. Since everybody is under the grasp of gadgets and gizmos and wants something stylish to suit their personality, Samsung has proved itself by inventing the beautiful handsets with the latest technological features to satisfy the demands of consumers. We all know the famous brands of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Samsung is also among the best mobile makers and is also treated as the fastest growing company giving a tough competition to other brands.

Samsung is a leading South Korean Company to make its own place in the hearts of people. As it is already said that Samsung mobile phones are famous for their sleek and compact handsets; they are gaining popularity in the mobile market among various people. They are suitable for personal as well as professional work with a 3G technology to make us proud of having it in our hands. They are mostly famous for providing the durable sliding mobile sets in order to change the monotonous body of handsets.

The latest 3G technology mobile phones are discussed below with wide range of features.
  • Samsung G600 is famous for having a sleek design and hence a large TFT screen supportive of user friendly interface. It also has internet facility with WAP browser and Bluetooth technology. It has a camera to take in the best shots.
  • Another one is the SGH-D900 which is considered as the lightest and slimmest phone with a 3 Megapixel camera. Thus it attracts most of the people who want to shun their bulky mobile sets. Also we see Samsung D900 Red famous for being the superb sliding phone with the best camera available in it.
  • In the list of 3G phones we also have Samsung Z720 with features of voice calling, mp3 player and Memory card slot with Bluetooth and HSPDA technology.
  • The other latest Samsung mobile phones to strike the mobile market are Samsung F480 Tocco, Samsung G800, Samsung i550, Samsung U900 Soul and Samsung i900 Omnia.
  • The latest offering from the house of Samsung is the Samsung INNOV8, a fashionable and graceful state of the art 3G phone. This Samsung INNOV8 is a sleek and complicated phone that comes in a glossy black colored casing; it is equipped with naive slide opening mechanism. It works on the Symbian operating system with internet browsing features available. It has an 8 megapixel camera with perfect day and night modes capturing moving or still images.
  • The Samsung i8510 is also the famous sliding mobile phone with wonderful user interface can be seen on the TFT screen and accessible features having a 2.8 megapixel camera. It has a quad band GSM and dual band UMTS/HSPDA support for high internet speed.
  • If we talk about music then the phone which supports various formats is the Samsung F480 Tocco with other hottest features of GPRS, Bluetooth and EDGE etc.
Thus Samsung mobile phones are coming with newest inventions of wireless 3G technology with various features of voice calling, voice recording, high Internet connectivity and camera to capture best moves and mp3 player supporting various sound formats. It is the best sleek and smart phone in this technological era and thus promising its best service and is the winner if it comes to design with technology.